Muscle Building Guidelines For Teens

Teenage boys take a keen interest in muscle building. This is why they try to attempt and follow different plans and advises. However, it is important to follow proper plan and advice to develop your muscle. Muscle building also requires endurance in the body and it only achievable if teen pay focus on basic of muscle building.

Some important guidelines are given below for the interested teens:

  1. Consult a doctor

You should consult a doctor or a general physician to screen any possible underlying diseases or issue like heart disease and diabetes that could become worse before planning for muscle building.

  1. Don’t go for shortcut

Many teens are in a hurry of developing muscles and try unhealthy behaviors. You should take a balanced diet and work hard. Avoid taking steroids for muscle building and other food supplements, however, you can take a protein supplement. Steroids can damage your body. In the teenage body already produce testosterone that helps to build muscles.

  1. Develop your own plan

You should develop your own personalized program rather than trying different fitness and weight lifting programs randomly. Add bench press, squats, deadlift and shoulder press in your initial plan. First master all these skills then add compound lifts in your plan. You should follow your own plan regularly.

  1. Focus on your calories

You must take more than 3000 calories regularly. Take proper breakfast regularly. Eat carbohydrates because of it the source of energy and fuel to your body. You can store protein to build muscles when you take proper carbs diet. Use food supplements like protein powder only when required. Try to eat more as it would increase the metabolism rate. Your body need insulin to develop muscles, so insulin can be effective after a heavy workout. You can eat peanut butter, turkey sandwich, trail mix, protein or carbs bar after half an hour of workout. You should eat a balanced diet as too much protein can also damage your kidneys.

  1. Take rest and proper sleep

You should take proper rest to develop muscles. All those muscles that ruptures or tears during the heavy exercise heals and become stronger only in a rest state. Sleep also helps to boost the immune system, improve other body functioning and release hormone. So, proper rest and sleep could help you to become stronger.

  1. Look for a trained professional

Many teens take guidance from their peers which is actually harmful. You should hire a trained professional because he can guide you well throughout your muscle building program.

  1. Don’t try to be cool

It is often observed that teens try to be cool by trying heavy lifts in front of their peers. That is actually adverse to them as it ruptures the muscles.

  1. Train your muscles

You should train your muscles to become stronger and bigger. It doesn’t mean that train them five times a week but at least benching and squatting twice a week.

The teen should focus on basic guidelines and read other stuff related to the muscle building. Managing stress is another essential component to developing your muscle because stress hampers muscle building.

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